Zidware Pinball Design is a unique design and development studio dedicated to keeping the tradition of American pinball vibrant today. With classic style artwork, high quality materials, innovative design and new technolgy in lighting and mechanics, amazing designs emerge from this new recipe of ideas and themes. Game designs are created under the critical eye of veteran game designer John A. Popadiuk. All the pinball work is dedicated to the pinball community.

Photography by Filip Wolak©

Mr. Popadiuk has been designing whimsical and truly exciting games, coming through the largest pinball factories in the world like Bally Manufacturing and Williams Electronics Games in Chicago. This same attention to detail, embellishment and overall pinball power holds down the moving foundation of his designs. Being able to work with other gifted pinball makers, these new teams are able to continue the massive process of pinball making within light and fluid teamwork.

Photography by John Popadiuk©

The pinball designs imagined and created are extremely detailed, well thought out in every part on the playfield as well as the hand drawn art package. Each game is invisioned against a storyline, like Adam and Eve and must take into account 1000's of individual parts, miles of electric wire, pounds of steel fasteners and pounds of enamelled copper solenoid coils all required to move the 1-1/16" steel chrome pinball electrically around the illuminated game table.

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