General Support Information
The Zidware Pinball support page is setup to cover all the basic pinball questions or needs that a service technician may have to troubleshoot or otherwise leaern about the pinball game system and how to repair. Diagrams and other design documents used have been linked here.

• Magic Girl™ Cabinet Tech Sheet (Download PDF)

• Magic Girl™ Switch Charts • (Download PDF)
• Magic Girl™ Coil & Flasher Charts • (Download PDF)
• Magic Girl™ Lamp Charts • (Download PDF)
• Magic Girl™ System Charts • (Download PDF)
• Magic Girl™ Cabinet Tech Sheet (Download PDF)

• Pinball Setup Manual
• Magic Girl™ Feature Assembly Manual
• Magic Girl™ Game Manual (PDF Download)

• Pinball Software Version

• Limited Warranty Overview (Click Here)
• Parts & Service Overview


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